Have Questions? Contact ULI New Mexico


I am having difficulty registering for an event. Can you help me?
Check to see if pre-registration has closed (pre-registration often closes 3-7 days before the event date). If it has not closed, please call ULI Customer Service at 800.321.5011.

I’d like to attend an event but pre-registration is closed. Can I still go?
Yes, you can still show up and register onsite (unless the event is sold-out or onsite registration is not available). Please note that for most events, registration fees increase by $10 post pre-registration. To check availability, please call 505.269.7695.

My password is not working when I try to log-in to my profile on the ULI website. What should I do?
You can reset your password on the login page. If this does not work, please call ULI Customer Service at 800.321.5011.

Why am I not receiving ULI New Mexico emails?
Have you added ULI St. Louis to your “safe senders” list? If yes, please make sure your email address is current by checking your profile on ULI’s national website. Check your email preferences in your profile to make sure you have not opted out of emails. If your information is up-to-date, please call ULI Customer Service at 800.321.5011.