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Urban Land articles
o   Summary: If you have not already downloaded the Urban Land app for your tablet or smartphone, ULI members are welcome to do so now and enjoy the latest issue, plus a year of back issues.
o   Focus cities/regions: All
o   Summary: For international investors, the EB-5 immigration program means access to a precious U.S. green card. For developers, it means low-cost cash–but not without controversy.
o   Focus cities/regions: D.C., Dallas, Asia Pacific
o   Summary: How a public/private partnership models a new strategy for federal real estate.
o   Focus cities/regions: D.C.
o   Summary: Following rumors about a venture capital round that would put Uber’s valuation at more than $10 billion, ULI senior visiting fellow Gabe Klein was on Bloomberg TV’s Street Smart to talk about Uber, car-free households, and other startups.
o   Focus: ULI senior visiting fellow Gabe Klein
o   Summary: This summer, the Urban Land Institute will host its first-ever national conference in Detroit, featuring an opening keynote address by Dan Gilbert, founder and chairman of Rock Ventures and Quicken Loans.
o   Focus cities/regions: Detroit and nearby areas such as Chicago, Ohio, Indiana, Toronto
o   Summary: Experts discuss opportunities and challenges for multifamily housing developers and investors, signs of possible oversupply, the potential of properties outside the urban core, consumer preferences for unit types and amenities, and the appeal of renting.
o   Focus cities/regions: Q&A with ULI members from Atlanta, Chicago, D.C. and Baltimore
o   Summary: Jacksonville’s crowdfunding festival more than doubled the number of attendees this year and is planning a sister festival in Europe this fall. 
o   Focus cities/regions: Florida, Europe
o   Summary: Firms led by principals under the age of 50 provide a glimpse into the future of architecture. The following ten projects—all completed over the past five years—represent the work of firms led by principals in their 30s and 40s.
o   Focus cities/regions: Ontario, Austin, Argentina, France, Cleveland, Slovenia, London, Delaware, Estonia, Spain
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