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RFP- Downtown Albuquerque senior housing development

The Immaculate Conception Church (ICC) dba Faith and Justice Corporation, owns a 0.61 acre parcel of land at 205 7th NW (NW corner of 7th & Copper) formerly known as the St. Mary’s assisted living.

The parcel currently contains a 1950’s vintage, 2 story + basement structure of approximately 15,600 sf. It is believed that the cost to bring this structure up to code could be in excess of the value of the improvements. Location map and summary of physical features of the property are attached. It has been confirmed that the property is not on a historic registry. ICC is open demolishing or using the building as part of its overall redevelopment plan.

As the parcel is located in the Downtown 2025 development area (a priceless zoning that allows high density development and fast track approval), and as part of its ongoing master plan for its community campus, the parish desires to joint venture with an established partner to redevelop the parcel for low income senior housing with ancillary and related services.

Ideally, the new community would:

– Provide housing and services for low income seniors

– Provide a multigenerational community center/playground area with kitchen and audio/video rea

– Provide overflow parking for the community

– Provide an income stream to ICC

To that end, and by way of this document, ICC is issuing a request for interest for any and all developers who specialize in senior focused low income housing tax credit development to respond with a letter of interest, rough outline of a proposal and background information.

A specially appointed committee of the parish, appointed by Father Broussard, will review and score all responses according to the attached scoring sheet. The scoring sheet has been developed to guide the parish in choosing a partner whose goals most closely align with the mission of the parish.

Responses are respectfully requested no later than September 26th, 2014 at 5pm. They may be emailed to icc@swcp.com (please put the word SMAL: in your subject line) or hand delivered to the ICC offices at 619 Copper NW. Any responses received after that date will not be considered.


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