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WATER as DESTINY Kicks-off

ULI New Mexico’s Original Series WATER as DESTINY Kicks-off

New Mexico, specifically Albuquerque, may not have a ‘water problem’, rather, it has economic development challenge. As such, throughout 2017 ULI New Mexico will host a series on regional water innovations and the meaningful link with economic opportunity.

March 29, 2017: Water, Growth and the 100 Year Plan

Presentations can be found when you click their name.

Keynote speaker:
John M. Stomp III, P.E. Chief Operating Officer, Albuquerque Bernalillo Water Utility Authority
Mike Hightower, Program Lead, Energy Systems Analysis Department, Sandia National Laboratories

The ABCWUA video can be found here

Series Introduction

In the Southwest, water availability has always been a hotly debated resource and economic development topic, it seems we either have too little or too much, sometimes even in the same year. Approximately half of the non-agricultural water consumed in the U.S. is for municipal and commercial uses, and the other half for energy, industry, and mining. In a region of the country with the highest urban density, 93% of the Southwest population lives in urban areas, the establishment of water efficient urban landscapes and environments will become an increasingly important priority for sustainable development, especially as the Southwest braces for a century of often below average precipitation and runoff.

Many groups and agencies in New Mexico have taken major steps to address these challenges and are being recognized both nationally and internationally as innovators in regional water/energy/land management, water resource resiliency, and economic development innovation and sustainability. To showcase these efforts, ULI New Mexico is coordinating a luncheon series on Regional Water Innovation that over the next year, that will highlight discussions by regional innovators in several areas including; municipal/urban water management, urban water and waste water reuse applications, water technology development, water sector business and economic development, use of non-traditional waters for resiliency, as well as tours of internationally recognized innovative water development projects.

JOIN US FOR WATER SESSION II:  May 4, 2017: We are Innovators!


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